The answer is, yes. ADU’s, or accessory dwelling units, can be two-storey. In fact, many of them are built as two-storey units. However, there are some limitations and benefits to keep in mind when building ADU in Los Angeles as a two-story unit. Here’s everything you need to know:


Yes, an ADU can be two-storey! ADU’s provide a way to make use of the extra space in your home and convert it into something that you can benefit from. A second story for an ADU is possible because of the limited size of single-family lots.

If you have a single-family lot and are considering building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), adding a second storey may be one option for maximizing living space and turning your house into what feels like its own home rather than just a section of your main house.

While some homeowners may think that adding a second storey would give their ADU too much height for their neighbourhood or community, it's actually quite common for cities to allow this type of construction if certain criteria are met.

What are the limitations?

The structure of your ADU should complement the rest of the house, but it can't be any larger than the garage. The garage is usually what determines how big your ADU can be—that's why it's important that you buy a house with enough space for all three buildings.

If you're planning to build an ADU on a lot that already has a two-car garage, then you won't have any limitations when it comes to size. However, if your current home doesn't have enough room for both buildings or if your property doesn't fit their size restrictions at all, then there are other ways for adding an accessory dwelling unit on your land without breaking any laws.

What are the benefits?

When you want to add a secondary unit to your home, an ADU is a great way to do it. An ADU (accessory dwelling unit) can be anything from a studio apartment above the garage or attic, to an entire second floor with multiple bedrooms. The primary advantage of an ADU over other options is that it allows you to rent out space in your home without having another person move in permanently.

Hire ADU builder for building 2-storey ADU

Hiring an ADU builder can be a great way to ensure that you have the right permits, zoning and building codes for your project. The last thing you want is to put time, money and effort into something that doesn’t work out in the end due to some paperwork snafu.

If you do decide to hire an ADU builder, make sure they have experience with building two-storey ADU’s as well as other types of homes like single-family houses or duplexes. This will help ensure that they know what’s needed for your specific project and can help guide you through the process from start to finish.


If you're considering a two-storey ADU, we hope that this post has given you some insight into the options and considerations for doing so. It's not always an option that homeowners are aware of or excited by, but it can be a great way to maximize your space and create something unique.